Folk Dancing

You can help yourself to beat loneliness

and to keep fit and healthy

with gentle social dancing.

English-style folk dancing does not involve high-energy fancy footwork,

all the moves are relatively simple and suitable for all ages.

The character of the dance is created

by the way that the moves are put together.

All are explained and walked through before being danced to music

- with free help and guidance from the dancers.

Please give it a try.

Some of the dance moves seen on television are more suited to

gymnastics or acrobatics but, as they say, "that's show business".

Similarly, if you aspire to qualifications, medals and glory -

much effort must be made; just like all other aspects of life.

Folk dance clubs include people with all ranges of dancing ability,

from absolute beginners to some who have been doing it for decades

and know dozens or hundreds of dances.